The Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sports Boots are a revolutionary design of exercise boot that combats the problems of over heating of the horses tendons, while still providing very effective protection for all sorts of disciplines. The versatility of these All Sports boots means they are ideal for schooling, hacking, racing, even endurance, and are designed for both front and hind legs, and the lightweight nature of the design means that injuries caused by tiredness can be avoided as much as possible.

The Equilibrium Tri-Zone All Sports Boots feature an innovative Airlite layer system, which uses a unique combination of materials with a ventilated design which makes them very lightweight and very breathable, yet still very hardy and protective, making good use of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which helps to disperse concussion. Despite being so lightweight and breathable, the All Sports Boots have a highly protective ansd ergonomically shaped integrated TPU guardwhich helps to protect the vulnerable tendon area.

To wash, close all the straps and wash in lukewarm water in mild detergent, do not tumple dry or dry over direct heat such as radiators.

Tri-Zone Allsport Boot
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