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The Lemieux Tendon Chill Boots are a fantastic design that aims to target the tendons.  Providing maximum chilling in a short period of time.  The feature is the unique Hypo-freeze Gel that remains soft and contours around the lower limb ensuring optimum surface area contact with the tendon and fetlock joints.  A swept up rear section covers the high suspensory area often left out in other styles.

With a low profile shape they can be worn when travelling , or at home in the stable.  They fold flat and are easily frozen in a smaller space.  The outer fabric acts like a soft wrap, both easy to clean and manage.

Regular use of the Lemieux Tendon Chill Boots for short periods of time (30 – 40 mins) after intense exercise is ideal for preventitive purposes.  The sooner the temperature of tendons can be reduced after work, the better.  This can apply just as much to high intensity dressage , as to galloping, jumping and cross country.

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LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots


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