Nettex Summer Fly Cream is a highly effective formulation ideal to protect sensitive areas from flies.

D.E.E.T based formulation.
Combined with Lanolin and Glycerine to keep skin soft and prevent from drying out.
Nettex Summer Fly Cream will seal the hair, condition and moisturise and form a barrier.
Easy application around sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, ears, muzzle, dock, sheath and teats.
Ideal for horses and ponies that do not like sprays.

Directions for Use
Always patch test an area first and wait 48 hours. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.
Apply in early morning and again early evening if necessary, after heavy rainfall or if horse has rolled excessively.
Do not apply during heat of midday sun when skin pores may be open from sweating as may cause a reaction.
Apply with a soft cloth or sponge by wiping over horses neck and body. This will prevent flying insect attack.
Suitable for use around eyes, nose, ears and dock avoiding direct contact with eyes and mucous membranes or broken skin.
Avoid contact with broken or irritated skin. Not recommended for use under saddles, fly rugs or fly masks as may cause irritation.

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Summer fly cream for horses


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