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Leovet Power Phaser Roll-On Fly Repellent

Need to keep those pesky bugs at bay now that the weather is warmer? The roll-on is an effective way to get the most out of the Leovet Power Phaser Insect Repellent. The spray-free form supports stress-free and targeted application, even on the horse’s sensitive body parts, making it ideal for those who won’t allow traditional sprays to be applied and preventing the product from being blown in the breeze when applying. The formula keeps away annoying horseflies, flies and ticks for up to seven hours, and the compact size is handy to store in your tack box or away for shows.

Fly Roll-On Repellent Features:

Ideal for sensitive areas
Excellent insect protection
Effective for up to 7 hours

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Phaser Roll On

Original price was: £5.85.Current price is: £2.00.

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