This halter set from Red Horse is a perfect padded halter to treat any young childrens horse or pony with. With a padded headpiece and noseband, this will provide your horse or pony with the comfort they deserve as well as being able to get the best fit with an adjustable headpiece and noseband. On each cheekpiece, there is a woven ribbon with High Jump on to help make this stand out from the other halters in your collection. Coming in two different colours with a matching leadrope, Raspberry and Cobalt, this means that you can match this halter set with the rest of your horses current gear. A great halter set to give as a gift to children or to add into your horses current wardrobe.

  • Padded noseband and headpiece for added comfort to your horse.
  • Adjustable headpiece and noseband for an perfect fit for your horse.
  • Woven ribbon with ‘High Jump’ on both cheekpieces.
  • Coming in 2 different colours, Cobalt and Raspberry.
  • Matching 180cm poly/cotton leadrope.
  • Perfect for matching up with your current gear for your horse
Red Horse Headcollar Children Set
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