KM Elite

The KM Elite Handsfree Handling Set is an all-in-one solution that allows you to divert your horse or pony’s attention, leaving you with your hands-free to get on with important care tasks. Great for use when being shod, clipping, bathing or just grooming, this set is designed to be used with a Mini Horslyx.

This set consists of a durable headcollar, with adjustment on both sides for a bespoke fit, and a specially designed muzzle. The headcollar is lined with soft fleece for optimum comfort and benefits from a leather breakaway strap which allows it to be worn safely.

Attaching to the headcollar with simple quick-release clips, the muzzle is extra deep to allow a Horslyx Mini to sit comfortably at the bottom. The height of the muzzle can be adjusted when not being used with a lick, so can easily be turned into a grazing muzzle. The back is cut away to help provide a comfortable fit and has soft fleece fitted around the top to help prevent rubbing.

KM Elite Handsfree Handling Set
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