Great for protecting the most vulnerable part of your horses legs, the Shires ARMA Air Motion Brushing Boots have been designed with the popular innovative Air Motion Fabric, which helps to reduced sweat and keep the legs cooler as your horse works. design.

A comfortable, breathable boot that offers 360 protection, including a tough, strike resistant pad on the inside of the legs. These brushing boots are designed to help support the leg, and help to reduce the impact, if contact is ever made.

Available in a choice of colours, these are great way to protect your horse, but still look good doing it.

Key Features:

Impact resistant, offering 360 protection
Air motion technology for breathability
Tough strike resistant pads on the inside of the leg
Touch close fastening, offering a more adjustable fit
Available in a variety of colours
Sold as a pair

Arma Air Brushing Boots
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