The Dominick breeches from Red Horse – sporty pair of pull on riding breech perfect for adding into your childrens wardrobe. The Dominick breeches have a silicone knee patch for providing that extra grip and stability whilst your child is in the saddle. These breeches feature front zip pockets so that they can keep any treats hidden from their pony. With contrasting coloured fabric and stitching, these breeches will stand out from others in your childrens wardrobe. The Dominick breeches feature an elasta ankle closure making these easy for getting on and off as well as providing comfort whilst being worn.

Sporty pair of pull on breeches perfect for adding into your children’s wardrobe.

Elasta ankle closure for ease of getting on and off.

Contrasting coloured fabric and stitching for that stand out finish.

Front zip pockets to hide any small treats from their pony.

Silicone knee patch for extra grip and stability.

Colourful breeches for children

Red Horse Junior Breeches Dominick
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