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Magnetic therapy
Helps to increase blood supply to tendons and joints
Aids recovery and detrimental effects of exercise and fatigue
18 powerful 2600 gauze magnets
Touch close straps
LeMieux branding
LeMieux Conductive Magno Therapy Boots are a new generation of magnetic boots. Magnets have long been used as a form of therapy to help increase blood supply to an area which inturns help to remove toxins and reduce inflammation. The lining of these boots contains a woven layer of steel fibres to conduct the magnetic waves of the 18 powerful 2600 gauze neodymium magnets to bring the whole leg within the magnetic field. Mesh rear vents release excess heat created by the magnetic field and an outer layer of Bamboo fabric ensures good wicking. These boots can be used for maintenance, pre and post-exercise and to help aid recovery.

It is important to always slowly build up the length of time boots are used to allow individual horses to become accustomed to the therapy. Always seek professional veterinary advice.

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LeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy Hock Boots


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