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If your horse dislikes flies and is distracted by them in exercise. This rug is here to rescue you both.

The Horseware Ireland Amigo FlyRider Rug is a unique rug designed to help alleviate fly worry whilst your horse is working. The Amigo fly rider is made from a soft, absorbant and strong material that has a removable neck cover included.

The Amigo fly rider fly rug is elasticated front and top with a cut out saddle area and a unique shape to prevent rubbing on the shoulders.The hood of the fly rider is longer at the shoulder and shaped to keep your horse covered when moving. This innovative fly rug for riding in has reflective tape for road safety, and is suitable for warming horses up, daily excercise and leisure riding. Lightweight and cool, the Amigo fly rider is easy to fit and remove and safe and secure when in use.

Approx sizing: Small 5’3” – 5’9”, Medium 5’9” – 6’3”, Large 6’3” – 6’9”, Extra Large 6’9” – 7’3”

Horseware Amigo Fly Rider
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