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Equine America Glucosamine HCl 12,000 Xtra Strength Powder (Equine) Equine America Glucosamine is a daily joint supplement that contains Glucosamine and MSM. MSM should be fed to provide additional sulphur within the diet to encourage the assimilation of other nutrients. MSM may also be beneficial during recovery from soft tissue injuries as it can help to reduce swelling. Glucosamine is found in the joint tissue and joint fluid and helps to maintain healthy joints. When joints are under stress they require higher levels of Glucosamine. Unfortunately research has shown that oral supplementation of Glucosamine is not the most effective way of providing it to the joints, however high levels of supplementation over a long period may show some benefit. Equine America Glucosamine provides the best Glucosamine available, but for the best joint care use Cortaflex or Cortaflex HA. Equine America Glucosamine Plus MSM provides 10000mg of 99% pure Glucosamine Hydrochloride plus MSM in a 60g loading dose.

Equine America Glucosamine 12000 plus MSM
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